Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meanwhile, back in the USSA...

our Congressmen have been as busy as a bunch of multi-taskers on crack.  While you, I and everyone else have been watching health care,  they've been working on yet another takeover.

Wall Street Journal:

That Other Government Takeover

Everyone knows Democrats are planning to use the budget reconciliation process to get ObamaCare through the Senate. Less well known is that Democrats are plotting add-ons to that bill to get other liberal priorities enacted—programs that could never attract 60 votes.

One of these controversial measures rewrites the Higher Education Act to ban private companies from offering federally guaranteed student loans as of this July. Congress has already passed laws in recent years discouraging private lenders from making loans without a federal guarantee. But most college financial-aid departments still want private companies to originate and service the guaranteed loans. That's because the alternative—a public option run by the Department of Education—has been distinguished by its Soviet-style customer service.
Logically I don't know why you would throw sweeping changes in Education in to the health care bill but hey, I didn't understand what satellite TV had to do with unemployment either.  I assume when nationalizing a country's most fundamental institutions it probably helps if the Administration accomplishes its goal as quickly and quietly as possible.

The WSJ article also mentions that Obama's budget calls for making Pell grants an entitlement.  While I'm sure that will be well received by spoiled brat students everywhere, the growing list of entitlements is getting hard to keep up with.  Of course if you are a taxpayer there is only one thing you need to know-the only thing you are entitled to is paying for everyone else's entitlements.  Remember, dragging your ass out of bed and going to work every day is all reward you  are entitled to.

The Republicans will need to hit the road running when they take back over in November.  There is much to be undone.  Several federal departments should be dismantled and their power given back to the states where it rightfully belongs.  The Dept. of Education, signed in to law by Jimmy Carter, should be among the first to go.  (The Jimmy, he really is a national treasure, isn't he?)

The 4th of July will always be Independence Day.  November 2nd should be our Liberation Day.  Let's all work together to make it so.

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