Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ladies Only "Rule 5" Sunday, Week 2

Back by popular demand (thank you both) is my ladies only Rule 5.  Ladies, suggestions are always welcome so please let me know who you would like to see in the omments.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer

Krauthammer is a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist and panelist on Special Report with Bret Baier

Who graduated with his class at Harvard Medical School despite a diving accident that left him paralyzed during his first year of medical school. Called a “central conservative voice” by Politico’s Ben Smith, Krauthammer served as a speech writer for Vice President Walter Mondale in 1980, a fact that makes me feel only slightly better for having voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976.
Dennis Miller

Comedian, actor, sportscaster, and political commentator, Miller’s segment on O’Reilly Miller Time is don’t miss TV.

In 1996 Miller referred to himself as a “conservative libertarian” on a Playboy interview. After 9/11 he became much more vocal in his support of a variety of conservative issues. It is too difficult to come up with a single favorite line from Miller, but I certainly appreciate his comment on The Leno Show that he doesn’t believe in Global Warming but even if it does exist he doesn’t mind because he doesn’t like being cold.

Paul Ryan

Ryan serves in the House representing the land of totally handsome men and shares a birthday with Obi’s Sister and myself. A trained economist, the author of “A Roadmap for America’s Future: 2.0”, caught President Obama flat-footed during the health care summit with his analysis of the flaws in the Dems health care plan.

At only 40 years old, he is the Republican to watch.

Gary Sinise

The award winning actor and director received the Presidential Citizen Medal from President George W. Bush for his work with Iraq war veterans and their families. He is a co-founder of Operation Iraqi Children, a charity that provides school supplies to children in Iraq.

Sinise, described as a conservative Republican, can be seen weekly on CSI: New York.

John Thune

After serving three terms in the House, Thune moved to Senate by defeating then Minority Leader Tom Daschle. This was the first time since 1952 that a sitting Minority Leader had been defeated.

Thune, an MBA, served in the Small Business Administration during the Reagan presidency.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

*Sigh* Conservative men are the absolute best, aren't they? I adore Charles Krauthammer and am so glad you put him first. The other guys are all great, and Paul Ryan is my personal favorite politician after his wonderful showing at the healthcare shummit.

It worked so well last time that I thought I'd offer up another contender for a future Sunday post on the heavenly men of the right: Adam S. Baldwin. When I first saw his tweets on Twitter, I thought it was a conservative pretending to be a Hollywood type, but it turns out he's really a conservative and really Adam S. Baldwin (not one of the icky Baldwins). He was fantastic in Firefly and even better than any acting ability ever, he's a great conservative voice (he's got a column at Big Hollywood and offers up great tweets on Twitter). And he's hot.

Carol said...

Adam Baldwin is an excellent choice! Look for him next week.