Thursday, February 25, 2010

Paul Ryan wows at the health care summit

I kept the health care summit streaming on my computer at work today.  Honestly, it was pretty much what I had expected.  I knew that the Republicans were ready to present their ideas and I was confident that they would present their ideas well.  I wasn't disappointed.  However, I also believed going in to it that it was basically a show.  I had no hope that the President was going in with any intention of incorporating the Republican ideas in to "his" bill.  Sadly, I was right. 

Ruby Slippers, posting at Potluck, wrote on Rep. Paul Ryan giving the gathering a truly awesome lesson on the math tricks buried in ObamaCare:

Enjoy the roundups over at Potluck.  I'm taking my killer headache and putting it to bed.

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Steve Burri said...

Ryan is from right here in Janesville, WI. Ironically, Janesville also produced Russ Feingold. Can't win them all, I guess.