Sunday, February 7, 2010

What? Were you expecting groupies?

Carol at No Sheeples Here thinks that Obama seems bored:

Quote of the Day

"POTUS delivered a vague and cheerful pep talk to the Organizing For America team these last days, and he again used the old campaign rhetoric of how the hard stuff was hard, and that changing Washington was hard, and that it was hard not to give up but it was the right thing to do…and so forth. The cheers were prefab. POTUS appears distracted, and, if he were not POTUS, there would be the suspicion of boredom."

Well yes, life is a bitch when you have to work for a living.  Constituents just aren't as much fun as groupies and there are days when you are surrounded by people who don't want to be buried wearing your tee shirt.You have to deal with people who have no flippin' clue what the hell arugula is and couldn't afford to buy it anyway.  You have to deal with people would rather eat plaster than apply for food stamps but they haven't worked for months and their kids are hungry.  You have to deal with people who don't give two shits whether a bunch of honor killing, genital mutilating terrorists like us-they just want to get on a plane without worrying about some inbred thug blowing up his nasty bits and taking the entire plane out in the process.  You have to deal with people who don't give a rat's ass about Global Warming because (a) they don't believe it exists, (b) they think it is a scam and (c) they don't want to pay more for their electricity just because you and your buddies stand to make a killing off selling carbon credits.  You have to deal with people you are happy with their medical care and aren't going to stand for the government seizing one sixth of our economy for themselves.  You have deal with people who think that you are a self-serving arrogant schmuck.  Don't like it?  Look on the bright side-only three years to go.


yukio ngaby said...

Wow. You seem particularly mad this time around. You usually don't swear so much in your posts...

I'm amused, not offended. (Guess I had to get the preceding disclaimer up.)

carol said...

Yeah, I'm not usually a potty mouth and shouldn't have been this time.

I find myself so frustrated these days. I don't understand what is so hard about listening to people. And I guess I am mad, too. The SOTU speech really did it for me. The cheap shot that Obama took at the Supreme Court was just so smarmy and so unnecessary. I don't want my president to belittle people but it seems to be what he is best at.

Anyway, I'll try to keep my posts a bit more civil. I am not normally an angry person and really don't want to be that way.

thatsright said...

Carol, great work. Because I can't figure out how to TB to blogspot accounts, just wanted you to know I found you at Bob's place and linked it myself.

Also gonna get you up on the mob roll post haste:

Keep up the good work.


Bob Belvedere said...

These are the times that try a lady's civility.

Your anger [and language] is totally justified. We are facing many dangers because that man-child in The White House is not fit for the job.

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