Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Geez, have they looked out their window?

How do you explain such humongous inanity?

Wall Street Journal

As D.C. continued to dig out from Snowmageddon and is keeping an eye on another storm system, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was busy making a climate change announcement.

NOAA, part of the Department of Commerce, is going to be providing information to individuals and decision-makers through a new NOAA Climate Service office. “More and more, Americans are witnessing the impacts of climate change in their own backyards, including sea-level rise, longer growing seasons, changes in river flows, increases in heavy downpours, earlier snowmelt and extended ice-free seasons in our waters. People are searching for relevant and timely information about these changes to inform decision-making about virtually all aspects of their lives,” the release says.

Earlier snowmelt? That would be nice.

When I read stuff like I wonder if my personal Hell isn't to be stuck in some eternal comedy club where none of the comedians are funny.  Climate change has turned out to be one very bad joke yet we continue to pay for the comedians at the NOAA and others to keep yucking it up. 

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