Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's all about the O

From Dan Riehl:

Obama looks like he's fighting hard today. And he is. But that's only because his back is against a wall without very much support. If he loses this latest round in the health care debate, anything holding him up will likely collapse and the whole of his first two years in office and image are going to plunge right off the edge. Obama isn't fighting for health care, he's fighting for his own political life. And he appears to be willing to sacrifice Democrat majorities in both Congresses to preserve what he can for himself at their expense.
And Pat Austin quoting Krauthammer:

We've never done it for a bill of this scope...however it's not illegal. Obama is trying this not because he wants to placate the left and show he gave it the college try...he wants to be the father of national health care...It's about ideology and politics.
Obama likes to say that it isn't about him.  Sure it is.  Everything is about Obama in Obama's world.  Everything about Obama screams "look at me."  He has his ego invested in getting health care passed.  What else has he got?  Without health care his legacy will be debt, deficits and unemployment.  Look at it this way, would you want to go down as worse than Jimmie Carter? 

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