Monday, February 15, 2010

Hitler does "Global Warming"

Hat tip to American Digest for the following video:

Lest you think that the video is just an amusing parody of the Global Warming scam consider that today's environmentalists are in many ways like the Nazis of yore.  Consider this from Reason:

Hitler was a visionary environmentalist. Think a sensitivity to nature is necessarily progressive and benign? Think again. There’s been no more environmentally sensitive state than the Third Reich, which took ecological concerns carefully into account whether preserving woodlands or planning autobahns. The Nazi “Blood and Soil” mystique drew heavily on anti-industrial work that started appearing in the 19th century, and turned it into public policy. As early as 1913, authors like Ludwig Klages (German link) were excoriating deforestation, consumerism, urban sprawl, tourism, species extinction, capitalism, the idea of progress, and even the slaughter of whales; the Nazis embraced such work. Radical thinkers like Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmeier have been among those attempting to protect contemporary environmentalist movements from their latent regressive tendencies, and it would be helpful to them if their work got big, splashy reviews in the Times.
Like Hitler, liberal fascists have no qualms about forcing their myopic vision of a environmental Utopia down people's throats via totalitarian means.  Environmentalists want to control every aspect of modern society.  If that doesn't make them Hitler-like, I don't know what does.

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