Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Professors new project

Prof. William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection worked tirelessly on the Scott Brown campaign and now that the election is over and Brown has won has found himself a new project:

My New Project: Patrick Kennedy Must Go

 As readers of this blog already know, I am cursed with two of the looniest Congressmen in existence, Patrick Kennedy in my home state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and Maurice Hinchey in Ithaca, NY, where I live during the academic year.

In the wake of the victory by Scott Brown, I wondered what my next project(s) would be at this blog, What Should I Do After The Election? Now I know:

Patrick Kennedy must go.
So must Hinchey, and others, but that is for other posts.

Patrick referred to Scott Brown's swearing-in as a "joke," which has sparked the inevitable "the joke is on Patrick" comments in light of a recent poll showing Patrick with high negatives and in a vulnerable position.
The professor suggested reading Kennedy's wiki entry to get an idea of what kind of person Kennedy is.  Summing it up, we have multiple bouts with drug addiction and alcoholism, a rape cover-up and a series of car accidents in which he was at fault and "appeared" to be under the influence but we will never know for certain because, you know, he's a Kennedy.  A typical Kennedy.  On the bright side, at least he never married.

Kennedy is a prime example of what we don't need in Congress.  He is an arrogant little legacy brat who believes he is owed a seat in Congress.  Not so much.  We need someone who will serve the people not himself.  Being rid of him sounds like an excellent project to me.

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