Saturday, February 20, 2010

Momma always told me...

the hardest part of being a liar is keeping all your stories straight.  Mom always said it was better to tell the truth, even when the truth might not be in your best self interest, because if you lie sooner or later you will get caught and then you'll not only be a liar, you'll be a fool.  Obama could have used my Momma advice but he was raised with a different set of values than I was and now he's been caught in a whopper:

Gateway Pundit has all the details.  Suffice to say, Obama was lying when he tried to downplay his relationship with ACORN

In my opinion ACORN is a criminal organization that is manned by Marxist thugs whose sole purpose is to promote Marxist ideals.  Our president and the creeps at ACORN are "thick as thieves".  Obama shares their principals and their ideals.  Now, Obama is smart enough to know that publicly throwing his lot in with the thugs at ACORN isn't a good idea but as the video shows, he's just not smart enough to keep his lies straight.

Read Gateway's post.

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