Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm still here

The Princess of Procrastination, me, had an 8:15 a.m. appointment  this morning with a surgeon for a consult for a relatively minor problem that wouldn't even exist if in the real world (as opposed to the one I so often find myself) problems would simply go away when I chose to ignore them.  After all, I have a system and if would work at least occasionally I would be ever so grateful.  As it happened, I didn't see the surgeon because she had an emergency and was in surgery so I saw another doctor in the same office who was very nice, very informative and very helpful.  She gave me a cortisone shot and told me to stay completely off my feet for forty-eight hours.  So here I am all tucked in and bored nearly to tears.  Beyond that, I have two problems:  a) I'm here and everything I want is there and b) the bathroom is way over there.  Now, how's that for a fine kettle of fish?  Here I lounge as snug a bug, perfectly comfortable, throwing myself a po', po' little ol' me party over a mere inconvenience.  Enough of that-time to take care of some business.

First and foremost I want to send my prayers and best wishes to Dan Collins of POWIP fame.  Dan was admitted to the hospital earlier this morning with a as of yet undiagnosed condition.  Please remember Dan in your prayers and send him a cheery thought in the comments at POWIP.

On to the Lefty blogosphere of shame.  Couldn't you just see it coming a mile away.  Some total whack job flies his plane in to a building that houses the IRS, leaves behind a rant about "the man" and wham, bam, thank you ma'am it's the Tea Party's fault.    This guy went off on George Bush AND Daniel Patrick Moynihan.  Someone please enlighten me as to the link between those two.  But the Left doesn't believe in non-affiliated nutjobs, unless said nutjob's name is Amy Bishop, in which case they quickly unaffiliated any affiliations the affiliated nutjob may have had while whilst peeing their collective pants over this broad based hater in Austin.  Can I get a SHEESHPundette does a thorough job of frisking the Joe Stack = the Tea Party nonsense and Prof. Jacobson tears apart the Scott Brown gives Joe Stack a pass foolishness.  Me, I just think it is all just par for the course.

Speaking of par for the course, how 'bout that Tiger Woods (how smooth was that?)?  I am a big believer in redemption but redemption, like confession, should be handled privately.  This pretty much sums my feeling on the whole sticking affair(s):

Katie Couric: Getting ready to cover Tiger's statement. Being at the epicenter of such humiliation, and judgement must be very painful.

Jake Tapper: I assume you're talking about the pain his wife and children feel, not him.
No. doubt.

Just to keep everyone updated, I'm still chasing down rumors.  Still nothing specific but I did hear something about a "launch" and "tomorrow".  Hmmm, something is going on.

Good night all.

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