Monday, February 1, 2010

Have you kicked a "greenie" today?

Tim Blair:

“There is no point in denying it,” wrote warmenist George Monbiot. “We’re losing.” And that was back in early November, before Climategate, before Copenhagen and before the IPCC catastrophe. The situation for our warmy pals is now even more hilarious:

A global deal to tackle climate change is all but impossible in 2010, leaving the scale and pace of action to slow global warming in coming decades uncertain, according to senior figures across the world involved in the negotiations.

So much for having only 50 days to save the world. It gets better:

“The forces trying to tackle climate change are in disarray, wandering in small groups around the battlefield like a beaten army,” said a senior British diplomat.

I say we keep fighting them. Just for the fun of it.
Oh, I don't know.  Usually I would be all for kicking the bastards while they're down but they are such a bunch of sissy losers it just doesn't sporting.  On the other hand, they're smug sissy losers so I say go for it.


yukio ngaby said...

The fight's hardly over. Obama is currently trying to restructure NASA into emphasizing a CO2/climate change montoring system.

AP article at:

It's not a matter of kicking them when they're down, but of further pruning away more of their nonsensical agendas and ideas.

Bob Belvedere said...

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