Sunday, February 28, 2010

"You can't wish it away" VS "We can't control nature"

Al Gore took the New York Times in an effort to save his income stream and the perfect answer to his foolishness came from an unlikely source:

“We can’t control nature.”

Unintentionable pearls of widsom-you've got to love it.  Does this mean that our President, who has pushed Global Warming, on a gut level knows that the theory is hooey?

Jules Crittenden has a much better answer to Gore than I could ever compose.  A brief excerpt:

Personally, once they’re done failing to accomplish the health care thing, I have to say that if they fail to accomplish nothing else, I’d like to see them fail to accomplish the warming thing. That will really croak them in the 2010 midterms, and if it drags out anything like health care, still could be a real problem for Obama when he has to start gearing up for 2012.

Gore spends the next few graphs yapping on about the cap-and-trade thing, making excuses for why a bad idea has gone nowhere. Then, he gives a big shout out to Kerry, Graham and Lieberman, who plan to pushing this thing next week. I’m looking forward to the minority grilling … if Dems still hold the Senate … when Al gets called in to testify. I’m also looking forward to those hearings on which warmal scientist lied about what, and who was grinding what axe, putting the fix in to spike which scientific papers. Maybe they can talk about research funding while they’re at it. But that will have to wait till the Dems lose the Senate, at which point Al can still be called in to explain himself.
Personally, I look forward to the day when like con artists before him, we see pictures of Gore led to jail in handcuffs.

Read Crittenden's takedown.

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