Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ladies Only "Rule 5" Sunday

Well ladies, it is Rule 5 Sunday which means that to read our conservative brother's posts today we will have to slosh through a veritable mountain of mammary.  Personally, if you've seen one set of silicone you've seen 'em all. 

I've come to believe that for men "sexiness" is based purely on physical attributes.  Otherwise, how would you explain such potty mouthed, dumb as a door knob and ill mannered, dare I say it-bimbos, (think Megan Fox) whose images often "grace" the conservative male blogosphere? 

To be sure, women appreciate physical attractiveness-alot.  But for women, true VAVOOMiness encompasses intellect, ethics, manners and humor as well as cute as bug in a ruginess.  It is the "whole package" that sets our hearts aflutter.  So ladies, here is my Rule 5-no nakedness, lots of yumminess:

  Andy Garcia

This Cuban born actor risked his career by bringing his movie The Lost City to the “big screen”. The movie, produced, directed and starring Garcia portrayed the reality of the Cuban revolution in contradiction to Hollywood’s preferred near orgasmic admiration of Castro and the murderous Che. An excellent interview of Garcia can be found here
Stephen Hayes
Writer for the Weekly Standard, author of Cheney: The Untold Story of America's Most Powerful and Controversial Vice President and don’t miss panelist on Fox’s Special Report w/Bret Baier. Hayes, along with Charles Krauthammer, brings reason and logic to the panel as opposed to the often emotion based responses of fellow panelist Juan Williams.

Glenn Reynolds
Reynolds, of the must read Instapundit  and must see PJTV is a law professor, author and bacon connoisseur  who, as a proponent of smaller government and greater personal liberty has done an incredible job of promoting the Tea Party movement through his site. Adding to “yummy factor”  Reynolds is living proof that a strong, confident, intelligent man will be attracted to strong, confident, intelligent woman.  

Marco Rubio

The son of Cuban immigrants and former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives,  faced an uphill climb when he announced that would run against Charlie Crist for the Republican nomination for the US Senate. When told that he could not overcome Crist’s name recognition and campaign contribution advantage, Rubio took to the road and met with every Conservative group who would have him. As a result he has smashed Crist in every single straw poll taken to date and in the latest Rasmussen Poll leads Crist by twenty points, 51% to 31%.

The NRSC, who backed Crist, remains silent.

Watch Rubio’s speech at this year’s CPAC

Mark Steyn

Writer, critic and the man who puts the “oh” in my “oh-la-la” tackles the serious issues that face us with a rapier wit that always amuses as he educates on otherwise dry subjects such as demographics, Islam and conservativism. A favorite Steyn quote (also one of Pundette’s)

When a society loses its memory, it descends inevitably into dementia.

Watch Steyn on Conversations with History.


Fortunately, there is no shortage of sexy conservative men.  I'll have more of them next Sunday.


Adrienne said...

Oh Lordy, Lordy - Mark Steyn and Andy Garcia pictures in the same post. Be still my beating heart!!!

Carol said...

Yes, ma'am. They do put the "giddy" in a lady's giddy up.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Gorgeous boys one and all. *sigh*

I love conservative men. Next week, can I request Charles Krauthammer? His brain and manner are uber attractive to me.

And Hannity's a serious hottie, as is Scott Brown. Oooh, fun times ahoy!

MarySue said...

Yummm, conservative and hot. Megadittos on Fuzzy Slippers' *sigh*

Carol said...

Krauthammer is on the roster for next Sunday! Hunks are hunks and Conservative men are the hunkiest.

Chris Wysocki said...

When I saw this post on FB I said "uh, oh. the ladies are peeved at our Sunday silliness". Now I see that you're joining in the fun!

FWIW, Smitty is an equal opportunity link-hound, so if you send him your "conservative hunks" links he'll include 'em in the roundups.

Carol said...

Chris, I don't onject to the boys hsving their fun. I'm just tryng to spread the fun around.

That said, I do think that women view "sexiness" much differently than men do. We have a lot of wowzer men on the Right side of the aisle who encompass the whole packssge of sexiness and I see no reason why we women should take a gander.

Carol said...

Um, "having". Just the thought of some of these guys gets me all shook up.

Agnes B. Bullock said...

I am humbled by your tribute to Rule 5 male sexiness