Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is the writing (finally) on the wall for the Global Warmists?

Via Doug Ross I came across an article on Global Warming that gives me hope that this nonsense is finally on its last legs.

Here's a small excerpt from American Thinker's article Time to Turn Up the Heat on the Warmists:

But the creature called man has the capacity to worry, and worry he does. He worried about global cooling in the 1970s and then later about global warming. Then it became "climate change." He worried about causing rising seas, even though we know that the ocean around Florida was once 300 feet lower and at another time 100 feet higher. He worried that CO2 -- a naturally occurring gas necessary for life and conducive to plant growth (which is why botanists pump it into greenhouses) -- would spell our end. Never mind how it's said that C02-level changes follow temperature changes, not the reverse. A hypothesis needed its data.

Then, oh, boy, did we hear about that data. First there was Climategate, with emails showing that "scientists" had schemed to suppress inconvenient truths and had refused to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. Then came the admission that the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was dead wrong about Himalayan ice melt. And other shoes have dropped as well. Remember the IPCC warning that climate change could cause the loss of 40 percent of the Amazon Rainforest? It was based on a report by an advocacy group, the World Wildlife Fund, that misrepresented a study. Then we learned of other notable IPCC sources as well, such as a student's Master's dissertation and a sporting magazine.

Next, notorious University of East Anglia head and central Climategate figure Phil Jones may not yet be starting to sing, but he is singing a different tune. He now admits that the Medieval Warm Period might have been toastier than today, meaning that current temperatures "would not be unprecedented." To those of us who vaguely remember stories about dinosaurs and Mesozoic CO2 levels 5 to 10 times today's and temperatures 11 to 22 degrees greater, this isn't exactly earth-shattering. Jones also admits that there has been no "statistically significant" warming since 1995, something that, when asserted mere months ago, got one branded a flat-earther. In addition, he now says that the Gorelesque view that "The debate is over" is "not my view." Interestingly, though, he never made this known until he was caught green-handed.
The Global Warming scam is falling apart faster than an under cooked soufflé.  The first hint that all was not well should have been when warmists felt the need to change their moniker to "Climate Change".  Switching to an all encompassing descriptor allowed the warmists to take an "everything including the kitchen sink" approach that they hoped would fuzzy up the facts.  Mainly they just succeeded in looking foolish. And desperate.

Back to American Thinker:

Yet, amidst this exposition of fact and exposure of fiction, one point never changes: We have been had. And one question remains: Will justice be done?

Let us be clear on the gravity of the Climateers' crime: They have used billions of our tax money to fund fraudulent science. And why?

For the purposes of promoting policies that would steal billions more.
Forgive me if  don't take being screwed over lightly  I do believe that there are a number of Global Warmists who have been innocently sucked in and duped.  I'm willing to give the run of the mill Chicken Little a pass.  But not the IPCC, not the scientists who racked in the grants under false pretenses and certainly not the truly insufferable Al Gore, the failed divinity student who took a bogus belief system and peddled it with the religious fervor of a PT Barnum.  Come comeuppance is a bitch and it is time that Gore learn the true meaning of the words "Hell hath no fury..."

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