Monday, February 1, 2010

ObamaCare = BritishCare

A study in Great Britain shows that over 500,000 people per year are re-admitted to the hospital after being released prior to being well enough to go home.

The Daily Mail:

Under Labour's strict target regime, hospitals must ensure no patient waits more than 18 weeks for treatment after being referred by their GP.

However, in recent years, the number of NHS beds has been cut by around 20,000, or 10 per cent of the total, meaning many are being discharged too soon from crowded wards to make way for new patients.

This is despite a Government pledge to increase beds, as well as a tripling in health spending.

NHS trusts trying to save money have also cut back on community services. As a result a large number of patients do not receive the support they need in their own homes - and often end up back in hospital.
Can you imagine waiting four and a half months from the time you see your physician to be admitted to the hospital? Yet, this is the target that they are trying to reach in Great Britain.  This is the level of medical care that Nancy "Parachute" Pelosi is trying to bring to a hospital near you. 

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