Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jeb Bush's Newsmax interview

I found the following video at Talking Points Memo in a post titled Jeb Bush On Sarah Palin: If She Only Had A Brain...  Now that's not very nice.  In fact, if you read Bush's words at TPM you could easily come to the conclusion that he is not a Palin fan.  But if you watch the video a different impression emerges.  However, Bush does have some very damning words for a fellow Republican-Charlie Crist.  Do watch the entire video, I am a Jeb fan and believe he's a treasure, but if you must, skip to 23:00 where the fun begins.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Oh goody, another Jeb fan. I [heart] Jeb Bush. *sigh* so wish he could be president.

Carol said...

I could give you a hundred reasons why Jeb would make a terrific president. Most of all, I know that he is a good man. He was a very, very good governor but he was incredible during the 2004 hurricane season when we got hit by four hurricanes in just a few weeks.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Oooh, we should start a campaign for him! I posted about his being a potential for 2012, but it didn't go down well with my readers for a variety of reasons (here's the link if you want to read: ) and have been contemplating a second attempt at it, see if flies better this time.

I so think he'd be wonderful as president.