Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Killer blog comment of the day

From the comments on Solomania:

My Brush With the Alabama Shooter's Psycho History - Amy Bishop Was Ipswich Pariah
February 17, 2010 9:15 AM
#15 nickless  

Consider a person who believes that their superior intellect has placed them above their fellow man.

They will seek to control. They will seek to lead. They will become more and more control-fixated as their attempts at control, in the name of improving everything around them, are rebuffed.

It can become panic, even fear, as they realize that their superior view does not grant them control of very much at all, that other people remain stubbornly free from their control, and that they, perhaps, are not captains of their fate, much less Moses's, leading the huddled masses to the Promised Land.

Liberals and intellectuals both have this common thread. Liberal intellectuals, well, that's just doubling up on the crazy.

But enough about Obama. This Bishop nut is no bargain, either.
Scary thing is, I know someone who fits the above description to a "T".


I threw post up just as my lunch was ending and failed to give credit where credit was due.

H/T and apologies to Paco

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