Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Rubio vs Crist Debate

I've been anxiously awaiting the Rubio vs Crist debate ever since it was announced that Chris Wallace would be hosting the debate on Fox.  Finally, the big day arrived and...I over slept.  Yep.  I tried to watch the debate this afternoon but the program was constantly interrupted.  Fortunately, sick as she was, Pat got up out of bed and watched the debate blogging it both at And so it goes in Shreveport and Potluck

From what I saw, Rubio was the clear winner.  Crist simply did not want to discuss policy.  Who can blame him?  When forced, Crist sang the praises of the Stimulus.  Yeah.  Well, it has just been announced that Florida's unemployment rate is 12.2%.  That stimulus is working out really well.  Here's the exchange:

The voters in Florida have a very clear choice between Crist and Rubio.  More my part, I will not be choosing this:

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