Thursday, April 1, 2010

Irony Alert!

Anarchists plan to protest anti-government protest.

Apparently anarchists are in favor of massive government intervention, huge bureaucracies and ever increasing taxes.  Who knew?

Granted, Tea Party members aren't anti-government per se, they just prefer smaller government and greater personal freedom.  Once upon a time anarchist were in favor of no government and allowing everyone to do whatever they damned well pleased.  But the times have changed and now the anarchists have gone establishment.  And while we've been told that all violence emanates from the right, anarchists do still retain their penchant for 'causing a scene' so I would suggest to my fellow Tea Party activists that on April 15th it would be wise to document, document, document.  Yes, that is the media's job but when was the last time the media did its job?

For the details on the anarchists planned 'intervention' during the Tax Day Tea Parties read here.

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