Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Arianna Takes a Smacking

Via NewsBusters

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on the Morning Joe to talk about his recent endorsement of Marco Rubio in Florida’s upcoming Republican Senate primary. Also appearing on the show was Huff n Puff’s Arianna Huffington. Huffington, in typical airhead fashion, didn’t possess the needed attention span to stay on topic. Rather than discussing Rubio, Huffington attacked Giuliani on his hiring of Bernie Kerick, his failed presidential bid and his support of waterboarding.

Giuliani is certainly no wilting flower and he did not take kindly to Huffington’s personal attacks. He and host Scarborough teamed up and completely eviscerated Huffington. Hopefully (though doubtfully) Huffington will think twice the next time she’s contemplating getting personal with one of her betters.

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