Friday, April 23, 2010

The Fantastical World of Andrew Sullivan

Today in The Atlantic, Andrew Sullivan wrote "History Happened" a slobbering missive which should have been titled, "An Ode to Obama", and should have included a subtitle referring to Obama's magnificent loins.  I shudder to think what Sullivan did with his other hand while typing that nonsense.

Sullivan opined that Obama "represents the pragmatic center" in this country.  If Sullivan believes this, and I am sure he does, then what does he define as left of center?  He actually refers to Obama as pragmatic twice.  I thought "pragmatic" meant "practical" and therefore would only be the correct terminology if Sullivan meant to say that Obama wants practically everything under his administration's control. 

But in Sullivan's fantastical world he deems Obama to be a reasoned and reasonable saint soul who has played the cards dealt to him as only a man of great depth and perception could.  His example:

Even yesterday, Obama did not batter Wall Street. He asked them to "join" him in rescuing capitalism from itself and restoring the confidence of ordinary folks with retirement accounts in Wall Street....
One can almost hear Satan say, "Join me or spend all of Eternity in the fiery abyss."  I would hope that if Wall Street joins him (again) they will at least leave their checkbooks at home this time.  And then there is this:

The epistemic closure on the right is how other conservatives still manage to blind themselves to the pragmatic virtues of this president's remarkable 15 month record at home and abroad.
Again, Sullivan must have an entirely different definition of the word "remarkable" than the one I am used to.  But to be fair, were I to write a two word title for a post on Obama with the second word being "happened" the first word would not be "history".


Larry Sheldon said...

Blog authors that write about Sullivan, Johnson, and other such trash do not remain on my must-read list.

Yes it is your blog, and yes, we still have some vestiges of freedom.

You can certainly write about what ever you want to write about.

But don't expect me to read it.

An I certainly won't do your bidding regarding driving traffic to such losers. I see no legitimate reason to drive traffic to them.

Carol said...

Larry, I don't often write about Sullivan but I had a gut reaction when I read his piece.

DeanO, thank you.