Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The MSM is Acting Odder Than Usual

I don’t which came as a bigger shock-that the MSM suddenly discovered minority Tea Party members or that CNN, mid ratings free fall, has discovered that the Tea Party activists are just swell. Michelle Malkin explains the CNN epiphany:

Desperate CNN: Hey, those Tea Party nuts aren’t so bad after all. Please, please tune in!

Don’t expect the “minorities are Tea Ba**gers, too” theme to catch on. First, admitting that Tea Party events are minority friendly contradicts the “Tea Ba**gers are knuckle dragging, robe and pointy hat wearing racists” theme which is so important to those in the media who would rather attack people than discuss ideas. Second, it is taken for granted by “progressives” that blacks and other minority groups owe fealty to the Democratic party. Any minority who supports conservative ideals is immediately stripped of their “authenticity”.

The CNN thing is amusing in a “who ya trying to fool?” way. If CNN thinks that Conservatives in general, or Tea Party activists in particular, will set aside years of being dumped on by the network because of one not completely horrible report they are going to be terribly disappointed.

In any case, both reports are snicker worthy and that in and of itself is a good thing.

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