Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Grim Tale of Health Care Denied

Congressman Bart Stupak's words about ObamaCare from his resignation speech this morning:

Last month, we finally accomplished what I set out to do 18 years ago - we passed comprehensive national health care reform.

I'm proud to have helped bring it across the finish line for an important reason - it will significantly improve the health and prosperity of our Michigan families.

32 million more Americans, including 38,000 people living in Northern Michigan, will now have health insurance.

More than 197,000 in Northern Michigan will see their costs lowered, and all families will receive important consumer protections so that they no longer have to live in fear of being one illness or injury away from bankruptcy.
And from Don Surber, the grim reality of nationalised health care:

That’s right. Nikki Phelps, a 37-year-old mother of twin 2-year-old boys, and her husband, Bill, have to sell their $300,000 home in order to pay for a cancer fighting drug that her insurer shamelessly won’t provide.

The couple already has depleted its life savings on this drug in her 10-year battle against cancer.

The drug, Sutent, is said to double her life expectancy from her kidney cancer.

Yet there is nothing President Obama can do to force this insurer to do the right thing.

That’s because the insurer is the British government.

You see, Nikki and Bill Phelps live in England, where the mission of the universal health care program is to save money, not lives.
In England, the life and death decisions are made by a committee called the NICE panel.  As Paul Krugman admitted a week ago, ObamaCare empowers an "advisory board" whose decisions on care will be, Krugman said between fits of laughter, final.  Final, indeed.

Haven't heard Nancy or Harry, or even good ol' Bart say too much about the "advisory board".   Never a good idea to let the cat out of the bag too early.  But look to Great Britain or Canada for a clear picture of the future of health care here.  And then vote in November.

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