Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mark Steyn Explains All

If there is anything that the Obama people can put in the the "success" column, it is that with breakneck speed, Obama has succeeded in offending and alienating our closest allies.  It is the one thing that Obama has done well, very well.  Mark Steyn explains all:

There is much speculation on the “root cause” of presidential antipathy to America’s formerly closest ally. It is said his grandfather was ill treated by the authorities in colonial Kenya in the 1940s, which seems as good a basis as any on which to reorder 21st century bilateral relations, or at any rate as good as the proportion of the Canadian overseas-aid budget devoted to abortion promotion. But I doubt insensitive British policing two-thirds of a century ago weighs that heavy on the president. After all, his brother back in Kenya lives on twelve bucks a year, and that doesn’t seem to bother him, so it’s hard to see why ancient slights to his grandfather would — except insofar as they confirm the general biases of his collegiate-Left worldview.

In that sense, those who argue that, having been born in Hawaii and been at grade school in Indonesia, he lacks the instinctive Atlanticism of his predecessors are missing the point. Yes, he has no instinctive Atlanticism. But that’s not because of a childhood spent in the Pacific but because of an adulthood spent among the campus Left from Bill Ayers to Van Jones, not to mention Jeremiah Wright. That also conveniently explains not just the anti-Atlanticism but the anti-Zionism, at least until the scholars uncover some sinister Jewish banker in Nairobi who seized the family home after the braying Brit-imperialist toff tossed Grampa Obama behind bars. Perhaps a singing Mountie yodeling selections from Rose-Marie beneath his jailhouse window all night explains the president’s revulsion to Canadian Arctic policy. Perhaps the Gujarati fakir sharing his cell and keeping Grampa up all night with his snake charming accounts for Obama’s 18-month cold shoulder to India. And you can hardly blame him postponing his trip to Australia given the lingering resentments after Grampa was bitten by a rabid wombat down by the billabong who then ran off with his didgeridoo.
Well, there you have it.  But our collectively snubbed allies can take comfort in this-Obama doesn't much like us, either.

One gets the feeling that Obama's dismissiveness towards Americans lies in his exaggerated view of. well, himself.  We are, frankly, too small for Obama.  We just don't get the New World Order that Obama is gifting us with.  We just don't get the Greatness that is Obama.  How wearying it must be to lead a nation of rubes.

We unevolved simply wish to go about our lives untethered to the Obama largess.  We selfishly believe that the money we earn belongs in our pockets rather than the government's coffers.  In our ignorance, we foolishly believe that we should decide how much of our money should be spent and what it should be spent on. 

Everything that Obama cares about is encompassed in the reflection in his mirror.  Everything and everyone else, citizen and ally alike, are mere nuisances standing between him and his perceived realization of Self.  I am on my own journey and I haven't the time to bow to Obama.

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