Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hollywood is Lower Rated Than George W. Bush

Ed Driscoll quoting from Big Hollywood:

...For Hollywood to have an approval rating of 33%, just a touch lower than George W. Bush’s the week before he left office, it should be a splash of cold water to those running the show in Tinseltown.
And Driscoll concludes:

Between Roman Polanski, Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, Spike Lee, and all of the pro-Taliban activists running amok in Tinseltown, Hollywood has pretty much offended everyone. As Mark Steyn wrote in 2004 after a particularly disastrous Hollywood fundraiser for John Kerry, “Having the most popular figures in popular culture on your side can seriously damage your popularity.” On the other hand, much as modern day General Motors is a union healthcare and retirement plan that produces cars as an derivative industry, Hollywood’s chief product these days is political activism. It produces mass-market entertainment as an increasingly vestigial and legacy offshoot of its primary business function.
Who would have thunk it?  Just because Hollywood is populated by under-educated, foul mouthed, drug addled, silicone filled amoral do nothings who think that class is vested upon them by virtue of their ability to fake personhood on cue, there is no reason to think ill of the "beautiful people."  Afterall, were they not highly paid for being marginally talented most of the denizens of Hollywood would probably exist on the taxpayer's dime.  Come to think of it, that may be why most actors and actresses support Democrats.

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