Monday, April 12, 2010

Kerry, Lieberman and Graham, Oh, My!

Despite the fact that every day the false prophets of Global Warming are confronted with the evidence of their duplicity, they still have a friend in John Kerry:

"Senators Kerry, Graham, and Lieberman will unveil their proposal later this month," Kerry spokeswoman Whitney Smith said, adding Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was "committed to making this Congress the one that finally passes comprehensive energy and climate legislation."

… Electric utilities would be the first sector to have pollution controls imposed -- starting in 2012 -- through a "cap and trade" system to bring down carbon emissions with required permits that would be traded in a regulated market.

Factories would join the pollution-reduction system in 2016, industry and environmental sources have been told.

A third sector, transportation, would see a tax levied on refined oil products, a Senate source told Reuters last week, with the expectation it would be passed on to consumers when they buy gasoline and other fuel products.
Well, this must mean that by 2012 all of our economic woes will have been solved. Why else would Kerry, Graham and Lieberman be working on legislation that will by design increase to energy costs to every single American? Think about it, not only would it cost more to heat and cool our homes, and drive our cars, but every good and service that we consume would cost more as well. This comes at the same time that our government is kicking around the idea of instituting a VAT. Perhaps, Sen. Kerry should ask his chauffer what a gallon of gas costs these days, though, I doubt the skyrocketing cost of fuel has the same impact on Kerry as it does the rest of us.

Unlike the politicians who enact legislation based on nothing more than their personal, often skewed vision, any increase in the cost of fuel, electricity, food, etc., has an enormous impact on American families. We simply cannot afford to continue funding Washington’s pet projects.

Congress has just gone through one bruising fight. Are they ready for another one?

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