Thursday, April 22, 2010

Instead of Either/Or, How About Neither?

Sen. Lindsey Graham:

“What am I supposed to do, write an immigration bill between now and Monday with Chuck?” Graham said.
Forgive me, but I thought "staffers" wrote legislation and Congressmen found out what had been written once the bill had been voted on.

Graham is lamenting that bringing his immigration bill to the floor too quickly could screw up his Global Warming bill.  Truth is, both bills are already screwed up.  Instead of whining that he wants to cram this or that bill down the throats of an already gagging public,  Graham should take a novel approach and bow to the will of the people-i.e., can both bills.

Cap and Trade puts a heavy burden on already struggling families in the form of both tax increases and increased energy costs.  Americans are not in the mood right now for extreme and unwise measures, particularly when they are predicated upon discredited science.  "Immigration Reform" simply rewards illegals, grants amnesty, increases the number of people who must compete for decreased employment opportunities, and adds to the ObamaCare and entitlement rolls while padding the Democrat's base.   Why is Graham pushing either one?

Graham wants to play on both sides of the net.  That is certainly his choice, but he shouldn't be surprised if voters tell him to take his shuttlecock and shove it.

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