Sunday, April 11, 2010

Frank Rich is a Pompous Ass but Don't Expect Him to Apologize

Frank Rich, of the New York Times, out does himself:

No One is to Blame for Anything

Pardon me, and pardon the pun, but coming from Frank Rich, the song Who's Sorry Now is just too rich.  In one article, Rich managed to tar Alan Greenspan, the Catholic Church, George Bush and everyone who everyone worked for him including, presumably, the White House switchboard operator, etc.  I'm not saying Rich is 100% wrong in his criticism.  It doesn't matter if he is he is right or wrong. 

Frank Rich lacks the moral authority to call anybody out.  If anyone owes an apology it is Rich.  He owes an apology to the millions of patriotic Americans that he has smeared because they dared to disagree with his point of view.  He has repeatedly called every day Americans "racists" because he didn't like their positions on ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, and a myriad of Obama policies.  He vilifies people for thinking for themselves.

I note that Rich didn't include himself on the list of people who owe an apology.  He should have.

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