Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quote of the Day: Adrienne's Corner

Upon seeing that our esteemed (cough) former president, Bill Clinton, drew comparisons between the Tea Party and Timothy McVeigh, my gag reflex immediately kicked in.  Every time I think of the Bill Clinton years I think "cigar".  Oh, and "stained blue dress".  I just can't take the man seriously.  Unfortunately, every time I tried to write about Clinton's remarks on the Tea Party, the images of Clinton that inevitably appear in my head prevented anything printable in a somewhat family friendly blog  from emerging.  Adrienne's Corner to the resue:

Meantime, Clinton, who "did not have sex with that woman", is warning us that "the words we use really do matter" , and is worried the tea partiers may start blowing up buildings. And Barry Soetoro finds us "amusing."

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