Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Foot Strikes Again! UPDATED!

Via Memeorandum:

How best describe Thomas Friedman’s carbon footprint? Sasquatchian!

Friedman is a Platinum Level member in Al Gore’s Do What I Say, Not What I Do Club

While Gore uses 20 times the energy of the rest of us schmucks, Friedman favors economy killing gasoline taxes to keep the unwashed proletariat down. He’s even gone so far, in the mother have all vocabulary bastardizations, to rename the gas tax “Freedom Tax”. Friedman asked, “Who’s Afraid Of A Gas Tax.” Certainly not his chauffer.

UPDATE: Prof. Jacobson has some intelligent thoughts on "global warming", a subject that is too often dominated by useful idiots or hypocrites, two groups who are not mutually exclusive.

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