Saturday, July 25, 2009

Carol Rosenberg: Media Bias On Crack

Via Memeorandum:

The next time someone tries to say that media bias doesn’t exist, you can crush their argument with two words, “Carol Rosenberg.” Rosenberg, a reporter with the Miami Herald, asked the following of Navy Commander Jeffrey Gordon:

"Have you ever had a red hot poker shoved up your [butt]? Have you ever had a broomstick shoved up your [butt]? . . . How would you know how it feels if it never happened to you? Admit it, you liked it."

Gordon has filed a formal sexual harassment complaint against Rosenberg. Gordon alleges that Rosenberg "routinely labeled my colleagues in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Justice Department, as well as her peers in the press, as 'bitches,' 'stupid,' 'lazy,' 'incompetent,' 'Nazis,' 'Saddam Hussein-like,' etc."

Gordon and Rosenberg crossed paths at Gitmo. No doubt Rosenberg has strong feelings concerning the Gitmo detentions, the war in Iraq and the military in general. The Liberal media hasn’t exactly been supportive of America’s war on terror. But Rosenberg’s job is to report facts, not harass and abuse a naval commander because her personal political prejudices. If Ms. Rosenberg is incapable of doing her job in a professional manner she should be re-assigned to cover a story less likely to enrage her liberal senses. I would suggest a few months on the traffic beat but that would put her in contact with another group that is often the target of liberal bias, the police.

Moe Lane comments:

It goes on. It’s the usual stuff from antiwar enthusiasts: attacks on sexual orientation, causal profanity, verbal attacks on appearance and habits, accusations of various fetishist behaviors, calling soldiers Nazis, nothing really out of the ordinary for that sort. On the off chance that the Miami Herald does something meaningful about this, she’s going to be a shoo-in for MSNBC’s nightly lineup.

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