Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Am Embarrassed

It seems either the English-speaking media is still sleeping since Friday night or they can't find anyone who speaks Spanish. Two days have gone by and no one has been able to translate the numerous articles that have come out around the world regarding the seizure of computers in Zelaya's Presidential Palace containing the results of a referendum vote that never took place.

That is the analysis from Babalu of the coverage that the crisis in Honduras is receiving both from the MSM and the blogosphere. Sadly, it is all too true and I have nothing to say except, "guilty as charged."

Honestly, the only blog that I follow who has kept up with this very important story is Legal Insurrection. I am not going to argue (make excuses) that I have been distracted by socialized health care or Cap and Tax, both I consider to be threats to the fundamentals of democracy.

The events in Honduras are a concrete example of what happens to people that fall asleep at the switch. It may start with cozy, feel good programs like health care but it ends up with dictatorship. If we stand for freedom then lets get up off our collective asses and STAND UP!

Our government has backed the despot Zelaya. This is an affront to freedom and no less deserving of attention than the other crap our government is trying to pull off.

Pay attention.

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