Friday, July 24, 2009

ObamaCare Versus Freedom

Posting on Gov. Rick Perry’s threat to fight ObamaCare on 10th Amendment grounds Smitty writes:

I'm not sure where the contemporary Rick Perry was when Social Security arose, zombie-like, to start devouring the essence of America. Such a fellow may have been Amish.

To pay social security tax, the Amish say, is to admit that the government has a responsibility for aged Amish members, and to admit this is to deny the faith. They know that this alliance with government would make future generations dependent on the government. Federal means of providing for these needs are viewed as purely secular, if not sinful.

Mark Steyn has pointed out that Americans insist on having a choice when picking out a new car or a breakfast cereal but when it comes to the big decisions, such as their children’s education, their retirement or their health care, people rely on government to make that choice for them.

The irony, as the Amish seem to understand, is that ceding these decisions to the government is tantamount to ceding your freedom to the government. Allowing oneself to be dependent on the government for basic needs is incompatible with freedom.

Even IF ObamaCare were not prohibitively expensive, even IF it would not lead to rationing and a lower standard of care, it should STILL be opposed by anyone who values their freedom.

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