Saturday, July 18, 2009

National Health Care For You, Not Me

Friday I stepped outside of work for a smoke break and I turned on the TV on my cellphone. Megyn Kelly was interviewing Sen. Bernie Sanders on socialized medicine. If you are not familiar with Sanders let me just say that he is easily the most obnoxious crap weasel I have ever seen interviewed. The self described democratic socialist was on the show to talk about health care but instead ignored Kelly’s questions and used his time to rail against Wall Street.

There was a discussion today in the WSJ about Sen. Tom Coburn’s amendment which would require Congress and their staffs to be covered by the same health care plan as us little people. The amendment made it through committee 12 to 11 but once again, there was Bernie. Seems he refuses to be subject to the health coverage he favors for everyone else.

Here's the video of Sanders making an ass out of himself. Feel free to boo.

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Steven Givler said...

Despicable. What a bitter little man he is, and what an embarrassment to what used to be a state known for rugged, independent people.

And by the way, aren't tax laws supposed to originate in the Senate, not in the House, or have we gotten so far away from the Constitution that it just doesn't matter any more?