Friday, July 31, 2009

Honoring Dishonor

Rachel Abrams of the Weekly Standard believes, “…of Mr. Kennedy it can most assuredly be said that he has been ‘an agent of change’ in his lifetime—and especially with respect to one Miss Mary Jo Kopechne, for whom he was ‘an agent of change’ in the most essential way. Indeed, he ‘lifted up his fellow citizen’—right off Dike Bridge and into Chappaquiddick’s Poucha Pond. And yes, it really was “an imperfect world” when he left her there to drown, but he successfully ‘improved it’ by running away and not reporting the accident until the next day. And he did, with ‘relentless devotion’, use every means at his disposal (and, being a Kennedy, they were legion), overcome the very ‘great obstacle’ this event might have presented to his political career.”

In reference to Obama many have said that you can learn about a person by the people he chooses to surround himself with. You can also learn alot about Obama by observing who he chooses to honor. Carol at No Sheeples Here has the whole sorry story.

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