Friday, July 17, 2009

A Quick Nod Before I put My Sick Ass Back To Bed

William A. Jacobson says “Yes To Sotomayer”:

As to whether Sotomayor is qualified, there is no question that she meets whatever that minimal and ill-defined threshold happens to be. If she is not qualified, and does not truly understand constitutional law, as some contend, then she will not be a force on the Court, much like the person she is replacing. There may be a time to lay down the gauntlet over a nominee's qualifications, but this is not the time.

Not exactly a rousing endorsement but his reasoning makes sense. One way or another, she is going to confirmed so I’ll save my energy for the next battle.

Stacy McCain gets his harsh on with Susan Roesgen:

That's not reporting, you dumb bitch. What do you think this is, The McLaughlin Group? Who died and made you Eleanor Freaking Clift? You're just a third-string talent in the Chicago bureau. When you are sent to do a live news report about a protest, it's not your job to get into arguments with the protesters.

If you take the smirks, the eye rolls and the leg tingles out of the MSM what have you got left?

The Daley Gator knows evil when he sees it:

It really should be something on this blog! BUT, this one is very important too! It is all about big money, death and the ultra-extreme population control wackos. Talk about a scary bunch! They are as bad as Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, or Stalin. And if they ever gain enough power, God help us!

It is not hyperbole to lump Holdern, Erlich and Singer in with the worst dictators of our time.

And So It Goes In Shreveport linked to the video of Sgt 1St Class John C. Beale’s body being escorted to his final rest. It is incredibly touching and watching I felt a great sense of pride. God bless the men and women who sacrifice so much for me.

Track-A-’Crat and I have a new hero. Give ‘em Hell Harry!

Cynthia Yockey has the Organizational Chart from Hell. If you like your doctor and you like your plan, you can keep them…Psych!

Joe Biden: A Few Clowns Short Of A Circus. Greatest. Title. Ever!

An apt description:

Al Gore is the Aimee Semple McPherson of the climate change movement; all that’s needed to make the picture complete is for him to be discovered in a love-nest down in Mexico, shacked up in a hotel with the nubile daughter of a coal magnate.

Aw come on Paco, tell us what you really think.

For some reason, monomania comes to mind. Here’s a definition that fits Gore as snugly as a size 60 sport coat from the Big and Tall Men’s Store
Snark done right.

My favorite Smartass has a round of some primo Geek spots to take the kids to this summer. Pick a spot and go make some memories.

You may have noticed that the posting has been light the last couple of days. In my last post I mentioned that I hadn’t seen a doctor in eighteen months. I never get sick. In fact, most of my interaction with doctors has involved broken bones, mine, with stitches being a close second. Anyway, I wasn’t feeling great when I wrote the post. I rapidly went from not great to “so this is what death feels like” in about an hour. Turns out it is just a sinus infection but I’m still not up to snuff. There’s a lesson in everything and I just learned I’m a big baby.

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