Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No She Did Not!

To help you understand this I’m going to give you a visual. Think of a little girl, all red in the face, hands on her hips and stomping her little foot. Got it? Okay, now put it together with this:

Hilarious: HuffPo Says Sarah Palin Had No Authority To Write An Op-Ed In The Washington Post

The little girl’s name is Art Brodsky and she is throwing a hissy fit because Sarah Palin wrote an op-ed on Cap and Tax and The Washington Post published it. Except she (Brodsky) doesn’t think that she (Palin) wrote it and even if she (Palin) did write it, they (The Post) shouldn’t have posted it. According to Brodsky, WaPo already carries “conservative” opinion and by way of example cites Kathleen Parker. Seriously.

The only one I can think of is to "get people talking" about the Post page. To create "buzz." Well, there's good "buzz" and bad "buzz." This is definitely the latter. It's not only that Palin has no constituency to speak of. It's not even that she has been trashed by the right, in addition to criticism by the left. She has no authority to write an article like this and the Post has no business running one.

I’m not sure what our Sarah does that makes the little girls so crazy but whatever it is, she does it well. If I may be so bold, maybe they should take a ‘time out.’

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