Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Caution! Fine Print Ahead

Such questions seldom get asked, much less answered. We are like someone being rushed by a used-car dealer to sign on the dotted line. But getting stuck with a car that is a lemon is nothing compared to signing away your right to decide what medical care you or your loved ones will get in life and death situations.

Exactly. Anytime someone tries to hurry you up, you can bet your bottom dollar you had better slow down because there’s fine print ahead. What is buried in the ObamaCare fine print? Deficits, taxes, rationed care, coverage for illegal aliens, a lack of care for seniors (Section 1233), loss of private coverage and Lord only knows what else.

Obama isn’t happy. He says this isn’t about him. Like my Mom would say, “BULL SHIT!” Obama is spending his political capitol like congress spends tax dollars. We’ve seen the change and there is little hope. His lack of experience, not to mention conviction, is out there and all the fine print in the world won’t obscure his flaws. He was elected to serve. He could start by listening.

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