Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whose Morals, Mr. Klein?

Via Memeorandum:

In What Happened to the Moral Case for Health-Care Reform? Ezra Klein comes so close to understanding the objections to ObamaCare but he is too invested in his own ideology to recognize the flaw in his argument.

First, he will never win the argument by dismissing concerns of the health care plan’s economic impact as morally lacking. The latest Rasmussen Poll shows that 49% oppose the health care reform and 41% strongly oppose it. Many of those who oppose the reform believe it is immoral to spend a trillion dollars on a plan that they fear will result in a lower standard of health care.

Second, most people when asked if their neighbor “deserves” health care would answer in the affirmative. However, when the debate is whether everyone in America should have health care versus should every American have health care, the outcome changes. Many feel no moral obligation to provide taxpayer paid universal coverage to people who are in the country illegally.

Third, many Americans do not believe that universal coverage will provide equal coverage for all. Much of the public fully expects rationed care under the Administration’s proposal and those beliefs are based on statements that have come from within the Administration. The proponents of ObamaCare are not on the higher moral ground.

Lastly, Mr. Klein should realize that his attitude towards people who express concerns about this massive undertaking is demeaning. The 49% who oppose reform are not opposed to the idea that our system needs to be reformed, they are opposed to this reform. Wouldn’t it make sense to scrap this plan and return to the table with an open mind and some respect for the American public?

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