Saturday, July 18, 2009

Republicans, Straighten Up!

Michelle Malkin makes the excellent point that Republicans are falling short in the housekeeping department:

The rotten American Conservative Union/David Keene pay-for-play scandal underscores a point I’ve made over and over and over again:

The GOP can’t attack the Democrat culture of corruption (my new book comes out July 27) until it cleans its own house first.

The John Ensign mess keeps getting worse.

Stubborn, selfish, prevaricating Mark Sanford keeps embarrassing himself and conservatism.
And there’s another sex scandal on C Street.

Grass-roots conservatives are livid and lashing out.

We’ve got major battles on the Hill and fundamental principles to defend.
Show the corrupted, Beltway-infected, power-drunk Republicans the door.
And get back to work.

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