Monday, July 27, 2009

I am relatively new to this blogging so please forgive me I don't always recognize a BIG STORY when I see it. For instance, right now on Memeorandum's 'Top Items' there are currently thirteen headlines, each with several links, that deal with Birthers. Admittedly, my reaction is, so?

I decided to swing by The Sundries Shack to see what all the fuss was about and now it all makes sense:

Dr. Melissa Clouther is exactly right:

The birther issue serves one important purpose: if the whole of the Right can be painted as conspiratorial nutters, then the Left doesn’t have to defend or explain very unpopular policies like Cap-n-Trade, Card Check and Health Care.

So, this a contrived issue, a red herring, meant to distract the public from the actual important issues of the day. Then logically it would follow, that the MSM, acting as the Administration's lapdog, is aware of the inherent weaknesses of Obama's policies and through misdirection is shielding the man behind the curtain. Sound about right?

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