Sunday, July 19, 2009

Win First, Deal With The Details Later

My first reaction when I saw the headline How Can You Claim Moral Superiority Voting For Bob Barr? was why the Hell is Cloutier firing an arrow across Stacy McCain’s bow?

I had seriously considered not voting for John McCain. To be sure, I never for a moment thought about voting for Barack Obama but when I voiced my concerns about McCain to my friends and family every one of them said that if I didn’t vote for McCain I would responsible for Obama winning the White House. The only reason I voted for John McCain is Sarah Palin. In other words, I completely understand why Stacy McCain voted for Bob Barr. Unlike a lot of us he stayed true to his principals instead of voting for the lesser of two evils. Of the two positions, McCain’s is the morally superior. Having read Cloutier’s piece I’ve decided that it is possible to make the morally superior decision and be wrong.


Well, we’re not being screwed, these days. We’re being freaking gang-raped. And while I knew that a John McCain vote meant some serious discomfort in the future, there is no way in hell he would have presided like Barack Obama. Fiscal policy alone would have been drastically different. Does anyone really believe that a John McCain presidency would have sold out the country to the Unions? Does anyone really believe we’d have to be beating back the biggest power grab by the federal government ever?

The “teach you a lesson” folks want Americans and most especially, Republicans, to learn that Obama’s statist ideas are huge failures. After all these huge policy disasters come to pass, go ahead and say “Nah, nah, ne-nah nah!” That’s some hollow victory.
America will have gone down the shitter. Yay, you! You were dead right! But dead

There is nothing I hate more someone approaching subject reasonably that I approach emotionally and Cloutier has done just that. Conservatives are being bent over a chair at every single turn. The message carried by the media and supported by the Administration is that Conservatives are mentally unstable, violent whack jobs and terrorists. We are not in a good position here. Cloutier’s answer-we have to stop screwing ourselves.

The truth is, since Obama has been elected more people are identifying themselves as “conservative”. The Devil may be in the details but the only way we are ever going to end this current reign of terror is to form the coalition now and work on the details later. The seventh circle of Hell won’t be one degree cooler for those who ended up there morally.

Stacy McCain deserves the last word, not just because he was the only person who gave me the time of day when I started my blog, but because he cares about this country and its future:

If the Republican Party could nominate as its presidential candidate a man whose only apparent political principle has been the advancement of his own ambition and still win, what kind of cynic would call that a good outcome? When the GOP nominates the wrong man, the electoral debacle that inevitably follows cannot be interpreted as evidence that the party should nominate more scoundrels like that.

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