Sunday, July 12, 2009

Of Cronyism and Consolidation

Guest writing at Left Coast Rebel, New Conservative Generation sums up ObamaLand in a single word: Cronyism.

Every single thing that Obama has done since taking office has been orchestrated to satisfy the two main goals of his administration; consolidate power under his command and control and reward his tools.

Obama has consolidated power by appointing an unprecedented number of “czars” who take their orders, and answer to no one but the Big O himself. This Merry Band of Miscreants includes those who “skirt the law” and at least one Mad Scientist and none who have ever been confirmed.

But back to the citations of cronyism:

In February, Congress passed and Obama wrote into law his stimulus plan making ACORN eligible for billions of taxpayer money. Surely, this is not cronyism. Then in March, he decided to partner with ACORN to conduct the census. Apparently, having 14 voter fraud investigations is still within Obama’s definition of responsible and cannot be considered cronyism.

In April, Obama turned the rule of law on its head and rushed a bankruptcy proceeding on behalf of Chrysler that placed the UAW, not the autoworkers, over the interests of the company bondholders. The word cronyism comes to mind.

In June, Obama fired Inspector General Walpin as he was closing in on an investigation tying Obama supporter Kevin Johnson to fraudulent use of AmeriCorps funds. One might call this act cronyism. Perhaps this was a new form of executive accountability?

In July,
Obama announced his new financial regulations to mitigate the likelihood of future bank failures. Obama was originally considering the notion of breaking up some of the country's largest financial institutions, but changed his mind. Or shall I say, GE Capital changed his mind for him. If you didn't know, GE owns MSNBC. Can anyone say, “Cronyism?”

Obama supporters claim that it “has only been five months” and we need to give Obama “time”. Time to do what?

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