Saturday, July 18, 2009

McCaskill: Express Yourself And I'll Call The Cops

Should politicians be held accountable to the citizens who have elected them? According to Sen. Claire McCaskill the answer is, “not so much.”

When patriots (or as the Left likes to call them, “right wing terrorists”) showed up at McCaskill’s office to exercise their constitutionally protected right to express an opinion in opposition of socialized medicine, the police were called out.

So who were these scary people?

Geez, they don’t look so threatening to me. Certainly not as frightening as socialized medicine, Cap and Tax, and bankrupting the country.

UPDATE Via Instapundit:

It seems that Rep. Heath Shuler was less than gracious to his employers as well:

It is important to note here that we were not “storming the Bastille.” We were not carrying pitchforks, nor did we arrive announced. Our group called ahead well over a week in advance and requested that someone from Shuler’s office receive our petitions and comments. We were informed that they would not accept our petitions and that Shuler would not be there, but that someone would receive us.

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