Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deepak Chopra Gets Paddled

The greatness of the United States draws people from all over the world to our shores. We are a melting pot and our country is richer for our diversity. I welcome anyone who comes here legally and embraces this country and lifts this country up. But nothing pisses me off more than someone who comes to this country, makes a real good living here and then runs their mouth about how awful they think this country is. Prime example, Deepak Chopra. Chopra has made it quite clear that the United States isn’t enlightened enough to suit his haughty taste. Why does he live here and take advantage of our country when he is obviously so unhappy with us? The Daley Gator has Greg Gutfeld’s excellent smack down of Chopra:

So today on the Huffington Post, Deepak Chopra published yet another anti-American screed – this time lamenting the fact that we’re the last remaining superpower. He says the world would be a better place if the US just packed it in as a leader, and to quote Lennon, “give peace a chance!” In it he writes, “America leads the world in arms dealing, starting wars, and developing new methods of mechanized death,” conveniently leaving out all the incidental stuff that comes with being a heavily armed, supercool, superpower. Meaning, saving millions of lives by ending world wars, getting rid of dictators, stopping famine and assorted civil conflicts, and preventing mass disease. Chopra also hilariously vomits that “Peace is achieved by being peaceful, no matter what the military-industrial complex claims to the contrary.”
Tell that to the Iranian voters, jackass.

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