Thursday, July 2, 2009

Everything You Need To Know About Why The Left Hates Sarah Palin

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Today I read the best explanation of why liberals hate Sarah Palin in the National Review:

Conservatism, they suspect, will leave you in a marriage that doesn't satisfy you, burden you with children you don't want, repress your passions, and trap you in a empty, boring, and unfulfilled life, with no hand of government able to help.

Today almost everyone faces some sort of challenge in balancing work and family; I don't know too many people who believe there are sufficient hours in a day. And then along comes this woman who's made all of these "conservative" choices and now has an amazing career, a supportive husband, a beautiful family, and great health and appearance, and she bears it all, including the inevitable hard times, with pluck and a smile, as far as we can tell. (For all we know, perhaps behind closed doors, Sarah Palin screams into a pillow when it all gets to be too much. But what we know about her suggests she relieves her stress by shooting moose.)
A short while back, Los Angeles Times columnist Meghan Daum
suggested, only half-jokingly, that actress Angelina Jolie's "entire Oscar-winning, serial-adopting, Brad Pitt-snagging, plane-piloting, unattainably hot-looking existence makes women around the world feel hopelessly inadequate and therefore unhappy." Perhaps Sarah Palin is the Angelina Jolie of the political world.

In her opponents' minds, Palin's made all the wrong choices, and cannot, they insist, be very bright. Yet she's happy and successful. She is an anomaly that invalidates their worldview, and for that, they attempt to immiserate her — regardless of whether she wishes to run for national office again.

Support for this theory comes from the unlikeliest corner, The Huffington Post

As to why Vanity Fair and other liberal outlets go after her, the answer is quite simple: money. With uncounted thousands from the left who equally hate Palin, Vanity Fair and the other outlets understand -- especially in a bad economy with declining circulation -- that there is gold to be mined from the fragile minds of those who hate. For them, this is the story that keeps giving. And as long as the uncounted haters from the left continue to froth at the mouth at the very mention of Palin, Vanity Fair, Keith Olbermann, and others, will feed the beast for ratings and revenue.

Fine. I get that. But why Dowd and the feminists? With regard to The New York Times columnist, I asked a female friend of mine who happens to be a psychologist, what might prompt the anger? She mentioned a host of possibilities, but settled on one theory. That being that Dowd "may be threatened or envious of Palin... or both. As an aging but still attractive woman, Dowd may resent Palin's good looks. Further, as a single woman of a certain age, she may be envious that Palin has a husband, a family, and has carved out an accomplished political career."

To which the writer adds:

With regard to why Purdum, David Letterman, and other liberal males continually go after Palin, the answer might be as easy as they secretly lust after her while also seeing her as the "girlfriend of the quarterback" they could never get in high school. Seriously, look at the "men" who belittle Palin on a regular basis. For the most part, they fit the description of "the pencil-neck geek" from high school. Are they now trying to make Palin pay for their long-ago inadequacies? Is that why Letterman imagines her now as a "Slutty Flight Attendant?" Because she is his fantasy and rather than admit it, he strikes out at her?

And concludes:

In summary, we know that the left really, really, really hates Palin, that the left-wing media needs Palin to stay in business, that certain liberal female columnists may be envious of her, that certain liberal male reporters and talk-show hosts may lust after her, that the GOP is still populated with disloyal weasels who put self before all, and that Sarah Palin is still standing tall.

Well it all makes sense but given Palin’s beauty, stylishness and sassy attitude why haven’t gay men embraced her as their modern day Julie Newmar? Robert Stacy McCain has the answer here, here, here, and here.

The upshot is that Sarah Palin represents everything the Left hates, fears, lusts after and is envious of. Most of all, they wish they could be her.


Repack Rider said...

You are completely mistaken. Liberals do not "hate" Sarah Palin any more than they "hate" The Three Stooges.

Liberals find her self-destructive silliness infinitely entertaining, in the same fashion that seeing Larry or Curly abused by Moe is entertaining. She never seems to run out of gags either.

Palin reminds me of the phrase, "I'd like to buy her for what I think she's worth, and sell her for what she thinks she's worth."

If I could get a wish granted, I would wish that Palin could meet Obama in a debate and match her intellect with that of a a magna cum laude Harvard Law graduate.

carol said...

Sorry Rider, your words contradict your claim that you find Palin "entertaining." You are snide and derisive, both more indicative of hate (or envy) than humor.

I would also enjoy that debate. Palin's common sense would shine next to Obama's elitist platitudes. To keep O from being too disadvantaged I would favor allowing him to use his teleprompter.

Uhbama said...

Whoa, whoa, wait a minute....uh....

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is a whining cry baby.