Monday, July 6, 2009

How Much Can It Get? Lots.

Via Don Surber:

From Jim Pinkerton at Fox News:

The economy is shaping up to be Barrack Osama’s Katrina. If President George W. Bush was blamed for his slow response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 -- there was plenty of blame to go around, of course, but the disaster was on Bush's watch--then Osama will get the blame for his slow response to the current recession. The difference, of course, is that Katrina afflicted a city and a few states, while the recession afflicts the whole country.

Unemployment is 9.5 percent and rising fast, certain to go higher than 10 percent. And what is the federal government doing about it? Not much. And so House Republican Leader John Boehner makes a good point when he asks, "Where are the jobs?"

On Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden said that the Osama administration had "misread" the economic indicators. So what are they likely to do about it? More of the same--which is to say, not much.

Considering that the administration refuses to rule a second stimulus, more of the same could push this country right over the edge.

“Where are the jobs?” There aren’t any. The stimulus was nothing more or less than political payola. The faithful have been rewarded, on the taxpayer’s dime, and they will remain faithful come hell or high water.

How much, in dollar and cents, is the census worth to ACORN? Beyond that, he who holds the pen writes the numbers. In other words, ACORN puts Obama in office, he gives them the huge census contract and viola(!), despite that fact Obama’s policies have caused the public to become more conservative, the numbers come back to favor the liberals. Granted, I am projecting a bit on the end game, but would you bet against it?

As long as the administration is keeping the (donor) base happy and the (dependent) base dependent, the rest us can be damned. Three and a half years from now Obama will still be using the ‘I’ word, INHEREITED, and the chosen will still be parroting it.

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