Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Changing Face Of "Democracy"

Democracy under President George W. Bush:

Democracy under President Barack H. Obama:

Manuel Zelaya, bolstered by his cronies, Chavez, Castro and Noriega, is hoping to spark bloodshed by returning to Honduras. Where does President make his stand? On the wrong side of freedom, of course.

As Prof. Jacobson states,

Reports are that ousted President Manuel Zelaya will return to Honduras Sunday, July 5, regardless of what Hondurans want. The Catholic Church in Honduras has asked Zelaya not to return to avoid bloodshed, and the military says that it intends on arresting him on court warrants if he returns.

Venezuela has already spoken of returning Zelaya to power, by force, if necessary. The dictators in the region, aided and abetted by President Obama will use any violence caused by Zelaya’s return as an excuse to invade.

Obama has good reason to fall back on the often meaningless term “democratically elected.” It provides cover for dictatorships who manipulate the ballot box to achieve the desired result. But the people in Iran and Honduras recognize it for what it is, moral duplicity.

Fausta is putting out continuous updates Legal Insurrection is following Hunter’s Smith’s on the ground reports. Smith is a former Marine who is posting at Honduras Abandoned. The name of Smith’s blog should stir shame in all free people. Honduras is not some far flung place on the other side of the world (not that it should matter). We should pull out of the OAS and stand up for our neighbors who support freedom and democracy.


Levi said...

Gee, I don't suppose you could find many more thousands of pictures of dead Iraqis and Americans from the time of George Bush's presidency, could you?

That is something. Bush invades a country that directly results in the deaths of hundreds of thousands, but all you have to show is purple fingers. But a woman dies in Iran... well, of course that's Obama's fault. It's encouraging to know that Republican humanity hinges exclusively on which party is in control of the White House.

Carol said...

I guess you don't have a problem with the hundreds of thousands who died under Saddam. I'm not surprised. The Left rarely puts a premium on democracy, a point you conveniently seem to avoid. You also don't mind that Obama has turned is back on the people of Iran and Honduras. Again, I'm not surprised.

I see that you came over from Cynthia's site. Do you spend your day trolling from site to site? Hardly seems productive. I'll be going over to The Other McCain. Would you like to follow? Caution, he doesn't the patience for bed wetters that I do.