Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is There A Price For Being A Bottom Feeding Liar?

Gateway is reporting that Sarah Palin is mad (rightfully) and now she is thinking about using the legal means at her disposal to get even:

Sarah Palin's legal councel released a statement quashing rumors that Governor Palin resigned due to a criminal investigation.Her attorney, Thomas Van Flein, also threatened to take legal action against those liberal blogs and the state-run media for slandering the governor.

This won’t do a thing about the countless, tasteless schmucks that got their jollies by using her children as the backsides of their “jokes.” They are covered under the First Amendment but those in the media who created stories and disseminated them knowing that there was no basis would do well to ponder the words, “what goes around, comes around.”

I have no doubt that if Palin follows through and files suit that there will be a lot talk about “chilling effect” coming from the Left. What exactly is that chilling effect? That the media will no longer be able to lie with impunity? Will it force them to deal with issues and policies and leave personalities out of politics? Tough nookies. It’s called accountability and if it ends up biting some ass-wipe on the butt, three cheers!

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