Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Giddiness Before The Storm?

Since Friday’s announcement that Gov. Sarah Palin would step down as governor of Alaska, Memeorandum has been packed with reactions. Most of it is what you would expect. Since coming on to the national scene Sarah Palin has been met repeatedly by snark, juvenile cruelty (oops, pulled down and lame apology posted in its place) and monumental nuttiness. The truth is, if Sarah Palin were a liberal she could leave someone to die under a bridge and not face the scrutiny and criticism that she has had to endure for the simple ‘crime’ of being a conservative woman.

Cynthia Yockey has it right when she calls the Palin detractors bullies. Instead of going after Palin on policy issues, the media attacked her children. Now these same low lifes are calling her a “quitter”. It remains to be seen if Palin is cutting bait or throwing off the shackles. I am inclined to go with the latter.

So bring it on. But naysayers, detractors and plain, old fashioned idiots enjoy the moment. That “sweet” taste of success may not linger.

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